ARPA2 Common Libraries  2.2.15
ARPA2 Common Libraries

The ARPA2 Common Library package offers elementary services that can benefit many software packages. They are designed to be easy to include, with a minimum of dependencies. At the same time, they were designed with the InternetWide Architecture in mind, thus helping to liberate users.

Also see: Installation Instructions based on CMake.

The functions provided by these libraries cover:

The intention is to allow two kinds of hosting providers, both of which benefit from these libraries and their tight control of the authority to access Identity and Access information,

We aim high, but when it comes to code we try to be minimalists and to provide just the little piece that makes sense to everyone and yet, has not been made to enable these ideals that many of us seem to agree on.

This software was designed to liberate you. And to liberate your users. Please consider integrating it into your sofware!